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UBT Peace & Conflict Research Network

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This is the new network of researchers who work within Peace and Conflict Research at the University of Bayreuth. Our members cover a wide variety of issues such as armed groups, violence, social movements, security, humanitarianism, and persisting colonial hierarchies. We approach these topics from diverse disciplines including sociology, political science, social and cultural anthropology, history, economics, geography, religion studies, and more.

The network aims to bring these researchers together, further interdisciplinary discussion, and increase the role and impact of Peace and Conflict Research in politics and society. For these goals, we conduct joint research, organize public events, and offer seminars. Moreover, we also collaborate with colleagues at other German and international universities. This site details these collective endeavours.

Here is our own website of the UBT Peace & Conflict Research Network

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Julia Grieshammer

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